County Public Service Board

Service Delivery

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Attending to visitors to Board offices with or without appointment

You should be courteous, specific and orderly in your requests.

No charge

Within 10 minutes

Responding to enquiries on job applications

You must be specific on the job applied for.

No charge


Responding to general email enquiries sent to the Board

Please send a general enquiry email  to:

No charge

Within 1 day

Responding to correspondences

You must clearly state subject.

You should provide brief history of the issue.

No charge

Within 5 days upon receipt

Respond to telephone calls

You should make clear specific enquires.

You should call using the right telephone numbers.

No charge

Within the third ring of the phone

Communicating Board Decisions

Take necessary action.

No charge

Within 7 days


Advertising Vacant Positions

Send applications to the County Public Service Board Offices


The Secretary/CEO,
Makueni County Public Service Board, P.O Box 49 – 90300,

No charge

14 days for the prospective applicants to respond to the advertisement 

Interviewing short listed candidates

Shortlisted candidates to appear for interviews with:

  • Original Academic & Professional certificates
  • Testimonials
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Tax compliance certificate
  • HELB Clearance Certificate
  • EACC Certificate
  • National ID Card/Passport
  • NPWD Certificate (for PWDs only)

No charge

Within 45 days from the date of advertisement

Notifying successful/unsuccessful candidates

You must provide correct address, mobile phone and email.

No charge

14 days after the interviews


Appointment of new officers

As per the requirements of the job advert.

No charge

1 month from the date of interview

Promotional Appointments of serving officers

Shortlisted candidates should appear for interviews with

  • Original Academic & Professional certificates, original letter of appointment for the current position,
  • Testimonials
  • National ID Card
  • Performance appraisal form
  • Letter of invitation to the interview

No charge

1 month from the date of advertisement

Transferring staff

Make request in writing using appropriate forms.

No charge

Acknowledged within 14 days from the date of receipt of your application


Handle Public service human resource complaints and grievances

Forward written complaints and grievances to:

The Secretary/CEO,
Makueni County Public Service Board, P.O Box 49 – 90300,

No charge

Within 30 days

Lodging complaints

  • Tell us about your concerns as soon as possible
  • Try to resolve the issue before lodging a complaint by contacting the staff member you initially dealt with
  • Clearly state your complaint and provide all relevant information
  • Treat our staff with respect and courtesy.

No charge

As appropriate

Handling customer grievances

In case of unsatisfactory attention by Board staff, submit genuine complaints to:

No charge

Within 5 days

Responding to staff appeals

Clearly detailed written complaint and grievances.

No charge

Within 30 days

Determine discipline cases in County Public Service

Provide evidence of investigation reports for or against the cases submitted.

No charge

Within two months (60 days) from the presentation  of the case


Approving long term staff development programs

Use appropriate forms.

Provide request in writing.

No charge

Within 30 days

Posting after study leave or disciplinary case

Present relevant documentation.

No charge

Posting within 14 days


Monitor implementation of Public Officers code of conduct and ethics

Familiarize yourself with the provisions of the code and report cases of none compliance to the Board.

No charge

Within 14 days


Payments for works, goods and services

Submit all required supporting documents i.e. invoices, receipts, delivery notes etc.

Submit claims within specified time.

No charge

RTGS Payment within 30 days


Administration of Wealth Declarations in Public Service

Department Heads to collect forms for their officers from the Secretary of the Board.

No charge

Departments to collect forms by August for every declaration year to complete and return forms by end of December of declaration year

Fill and submit declaration form through your department by 31stDecember of every declaration year.

No charge

For Initial Declaration and Final within 30 days of entering and exiting service respectively

Fill and return Initial declaration form within 30 days of entering Public Service.

No charge

Departments to submit returns to the Board by 31st January of the Declaration year

Fill and return final Declaration form through their departmental head, within 30 days of exiting service.

No charge

Within 30 days of exiting public service


Sensitize the public service and the public on National Values and Principles

Attend all sensitization forums organized by the Board.

No charge

As appropriate


Address to: The Secretary/CEO MCPSB P.O. Box 49 – 90300, MAKUENI.
Tel. +254 (0)20 202 6751/0115105310
Office Location:
Unoa Road off Wote – Makindu Road, past Makueni Girls