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Human Resource Planning

  •           Facilitate the development and implementation of an integrated human resource plan for the County Public Service
  •           Liaise with the other committees for the purpose of information and consultations
  •           Develop and regularly update the county HR database
  •           Advise and coordinate County Human Resource Planning
  •           Liaise closely with County Secretary who is the Head of County Public Service on HRM issues
  •           To achieve best practices by Bench marking with the Public Service Commission of Kenya and other commissions and other organizations on Human Resource Management
  •           Make recommendations to SRC on remunerations, pensions and gratuities for County public service employees.

Disciplinary Control

  •          Develop a discipline manual and facilitate its implementation
  •           Investigate and advise the Board on all disciplinary cases 
  •           Follow up on the decisions of the Board on disciplinary matters.

Employees Relations

  •           Participate in maintaining industrial peace and harmony in the County
  •           Facilitate negotiations between the County Government and the trade unions for terms and conditions of service for unionisable staff
  •           Advise the County Government on industrial relations and Labour Laws
  •           Promote efficiency and productivity in the County Public Service through healthy industrial relations.
  •           Ensure diversity, inclusiveness and equity at the work place as per article 10 (2) (b) of the Constitution of Kenya 2010
  •           Advise the County Government on OSHA, WIBA, Labour Relations Act 2007, Employment Act 2007 and Labour Institutions Act 2007
  •           Develop and submit quarterly reports to the Board on HRD activities


Training and Development

  •  ​Advise the County Government on Training and Development
  • Advise the Chief Officers on implementation of training and development policy
  • Advise the board on approving long term training courses in accordance with service regulations
  • Facilitate Training Needs Assessment (TNA) for the County Public Service
  • Advise County Government on development and implementation of mentorship, volunteerism and internship programs
  • Facilitate Training Needs Assessment (TNA) for the Board and Secretariat
  • Determine training levy and facilitate its implementation
  • Advise the Board on approving all training for the Board and Secretariat
  • Facilitate pre-retirement training programs.

Planning, Monitoring and Reporting

  • Coordinate and monitor the implementation of the Boards Strategic plans
  • Coordinate and monitor the development and implementation of annual plans
  • Coordinate the development of the Boards training budget
  • Plan and undertake periodic sensitization to promote in the county public service the Values and Principles referred to in Articles 10 and 232 of the Constitution of Kenya
  • Monitor compliance with Values and Principles referred to in Articles 10 and 232
  • Submit quarterly training and monitoring reports to the Board.


Establishment and Abolition of Offices

  • Advice the County Government on establishment and abolition of offices
  • Establish and abolish offices as per sec.62 (2) of the CG Act 2012
  • Review and approve departmental structures
  • Review and approve job descriptions.


  • Develop and implement a County recruitment and selection policy
  • Review recruitment requests from departments
  • Advertise vacancies in high circulation print and electronic media
  • Record and file job applications received
  • Prepare guiding notes and selection criteria
  • Undertake short-listing of the applicants
  • Schedule interviews and invitation of candidates
  • Prepare interview tool/questions
  • Constitute the interview panel and invite panelists
  • Undertake/guide the interviews
  • Prepare the interview report and final appointment list
  • Regularly update the applicant’s database
  • Collate and confirm the current staff establishment in all the departments in the County
  • Confirm employees to positions upon completion of the probation period and renew employment contracts including casuals.
  • Develop and implement Employee Promotion Policy
  • Coordinate monitoring and evaluation of the recruitment and selection process
  • Develop and submit quarterly reports to the Board on EARS activities
  • Evaluate organizational structure of departments and advise on optimal staffing levels
  • Advise the County Government on redeployment and re-designations and transfer of services
  • Facilitate implementation of exit interviews


Performance Management

  •          Advice the County Government on performance contracting
  •          Review the performance management tools and roll out for implementation 
  •          Facilitate staff to have work plans and performance targets
  •          Ensure mid and end year performance reviews are carried out across the county
  •          Report to the Board on all matters relating to performance management.

Risk Management

  •           Reviewing and analyzing risks as well as analyzing them from aggregated risk register;
  •            Maintaining the overall risk and resilience framework
  •           Review and assess the risks identified, evaluated and managed by risk owners which are detailed in the risk assessment report which is prepared by the Internal Auditors on quarterly basis
  •           Review the risk profiles of the Board including action plan and strategies to address these risks identified
  •           Review the risk policy and risk appetite of the Board and recommend to the Board for approval and inclusion in the Statement on risk management and internal control;
  •           Review the threshold for legal case disclosure and recommend to the Board for approval


  •          Define the mission and goals of ICT resources to align with the strategic plan;
  •           Authorize and direct the development of the strategic and operational plans for ICT resources;
  •           Ensure that ICT resources strategic and operational plan align with the Board directions;
  •           Review and approve ICT operations to ensure that ICT resources are optimized
  •           Determine and monitor the Board ICT security policies on an ongoing basis to ensure that they continue to remain relevant and complete.


  •          Ensure all the board operations adhere to the set laws and regulations at any given time 
  •          Review and advise the Board on all the litigations facing the Board
  •          Advise the Board on the recruitment of the Boards legal team
  •          Advise the Board on alternative dispute resolutions mechanisms available  
  •          Help the Board in interpreting all the statutes and laws affecting the Board
  •          Advise the Board on dealing with all the legal correspondence affecting the Board
  • Develop and submit quarterly reports to the Board on PRIC activities



Address to: The Secretary/CEO MCPSB P.O. Box 49 – 90300, MAKUENI.
Tel. +254 (0)20 202 6751/0115105310
Office Location:
Unoa Road off Wote – Makindu Road, past Makueni Girls